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Microsoft Dynamics RMS Add-Ins
for shoe and apparel retailers
Retail Technology Limited's Add-Ins for shoe and fashion retailers unlocks the power and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics RMS to an unimaginable level.

Microsoft Dynamics RMS is an extremely powerful retail system with an unprecedented reputation and some 50,000 installations worldwide.

Add-Ins by Retail Technology Limited address a number of shortcomings and hugely improves on the core Microsoft application by optimizing RMS for retailers just like you.

If you are serious about running your retail stores, your first priority has to be the ability for the system to inform you about your businesses' performance. Our Reports Add-In is specifically designed to optimize the reporting capability including key performance indicators such as best and worst sellers, stock turn, weeks cover, margins, markdowns, return on investment. In fact, all reports can be scheduled to be received automatically into your inbox every day, week, month or quarter.

Add to that the provision of a user interface that works in a manner that you are used to work and you soon find that your time spent maintaining your stock management system is vastly reduced thereby allowing you to be more profitable. Setting up styles in colors, sizes, leg lengths etc. take a fraction of the time it does take in vanilla RMS. Producing barcodes saves some 75% of time, adding a colour is a breeze and we can go on and on.

Mobile Solutions takes away the pain of doing stock takes the hard way. POS Utilities lets you receive and transfer stock in very straight forward fashion unlike the lengthy process in vanilla RMS. Merchandising Module takes away the enormous pain of ordering for multiple branches once again taking away time consuming pain.

Add-Ins by Retail Technology Limited have been proven over years and has many very happy users the world over!

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