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Microsoft Dynamics RMS Add-Ins
for shoe and apparel retailers
RTL HQ Ordering lets users place orders centrally, thus in a RMS HQ environment, in a very efficient manner.

  • Placing orders in RMS' Vanilla HQ is an extremely cumbersome task. Using RTL HQ Ordering will save you hours and hours of work!
  • Whether you have a two, three or fifty store RMS setup, RTL HQ Ordering makes light work of placing orders. One of its most important features is that you can set up templates which can be used time and again.
  • Retailers that conduct so called branch and item profiling can establish a set of templates that maximise the sales potential of items placed on order.

When it comes to ordering, it is good practise for realisers to look at historical performance and build up profiles of what sells in each store in terms of material, colours, sizes, types, heel heights etc. If this is done properly, these profiles can be reflected in the order templates.

For example, if I have five stores and in one particular one the large sizes are always in great demand, my template would reflect that as for that store I would place two pairs for that store in the larger sizes. One can think of many more examples like this and put this to good use in RTL HQ Ordering.