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Microsoft Dynamics RMS Add-Ins
for shoe and apparel retailers
RTL Matrix features and benefits:

  • Set up styles and collections in Matrix allowing it to automatically assign barcode numbers to each item resulting in improved reliability and accuracy.
  • Categorize your items with the additional and important “Season” field.
  • Print barcodes quickly and easily within Matrix saving 50% time in comparison with standard RMS.
  • Summary overview of a style or collection in one window showing you all key data.
  • Easily select styles by department, supplier or based on your look up criteria.
  • Change one price and apply this to all items within the matrix or apply a price (or any other field) to a range of items simply and efficiently in a grid.
  • View a style’s sales, stock and order quantities by colour and size in a grid format.
  • Add a dimension like colour or size to an existing item or delete a colour you have set up but no longer require.
  • View all transactions relating to a style so that you can easily audit your stock and help pinpoint where inventory discrepancies may have occurred.
  • Easily prepare for your end of season sale.
  • Quickly add pictures, one picture for all items within the matrix or different pictures for each colour.
  • Delete a style you no longer need.
  • Use the intuitive dimension wizard for easy creation of size and colour ranges.
  • Comprehensive user manual in PDF format.

Plus the following POWER features!

  • Quick Editor - Will allow you to correct the problems that you have identify or simply to edit style information in an Excel style manner, enabling you to update lots of records in one fell swoop rather than having to edit on a style-by-style basis.
  • Manage all the fields of your NitroSell website - no need to use any other applications. Edit all your web fields from within RTL Matrix Pro. Integration of your website with RMS has never been easier. Now you have the ability to filter to view only those styles that are available on your website - making maintaining of web data incredibly quick and easy.
  • Advance Archiving - during the use of RMS your database will have grown considerably and some of that data is no longer necessary. Advanced Archiver will allow you to archive this data, freeing up resources on your PC thereby improving speed!
  • Additional filters to only show items sold on your e-commerce site, styles on sale and styles discounted.