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Microsoft Dynamics RMS Add-Ins
for shoe and apparel retailers
Doing a physical inventory count is a frustrating and time consuming task for any retailer. The amount of time it can take using manual techniques is astonishing. But at the same time , keeping accurate inventory levels is paramount to your ordering and merchandising. After all, If you don’t know what you have in stock, you could order the wrong goods.

With this in mind, Retail Technology produced its Mobile Solutions application. We have designed this to run on a Windows CE or Windows Mobile hand held terminal.

Using portable data capture devices makes doing physical inventory counts vastly quicker, simply by being able to scan barcodes. RTL have also introduced techniques within the software to ensure data accuracy during the scanning process. This reduces the chance of human error, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

But RTL Mobile Solutions doesn’t end with its physical inventory functions. It can also be used to capture data for inventory transfers and receiving purchase orders, and is particularly powerful when combined with RTL POS Utilities.