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Microsoft Dynamics RMS Add-Ins
for shoe and apparel retailers
RMSify is an add-in for Microsoft Dynamics RMS which allows a retailer's system to fully integrate with the popular eCommerce service provider, Shopify. It’s a low cost, low risk solution which lets retailers start trading online at a fraction of the cost you would normally associate with an integrated eCommerce system.

RMSify makes it easy for retailers using Microsoft Dynamics RMS to start trading online without the expense and risk usually associated with fully integrated solutions. It can be installed quickly and easily, and configured with a minimal amount of fuss, all without the need for a costly consultant, or detailed technical knowledge of RMS or Shopify.

Using RMSify means you have total integration of your products and stock levels across both sales channels. Items you have created in RMS, along with their available inventory levels, can be made instantly available using existing RMS functionality. You don't need to learn new tools or software - It just works.

You can even choose what data in RMS maps into the fields available in Shopify without needing to reinvent the wheel, and it will automatically upload and attach your RMS pictures to your web products.

Extensive measures have been taken to make sure that if your sync isn’t working, the application explains to you why – minimising the time spent seeking support and enabling you to progress with your web store deployment faster than ever.

Web orders are imported to RMS using an easy to understand button in the RMS Point-of-Sale. Designed with cashiers in mind, it’s easy to process web sales through the Point-of-Sale with a minimal training impact for your business. You can print picking lists to the receipt printer, import web orders as standard RMS transactions, and when they are completed, notify Shopify who send out the fulfilment details to the customer.

Shopify have in excess of 60,000 satisfied retailers trading online taking some $2 billion per annum! To support this there is a large network of designers and developers who can extend the power and functionality of your basic webstore, meaning that RMSify can become a truly powerful offering.

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